channeling hollywood

October 25, 2011

I donโ€™t really watch TV as much as I used to when I was studying, but I really hate missing out on big things. Like William & Kateโ€™s wedding (I missed the beginning of it because I was stuck in traffic), and just recently the Kim Kardashian wedding special.

I was out of town then, Astro-less. So I had to miss it and I was crushed!! Then on Twitter everyone was talking about it and I felt so left out.

Wanted to kick myself for not getting the Astro b.yond IPTV a lot sooner.

There are so many benefits of the IPTV, not just recording! It plays in HD (our normal Astro is in standard definition), it has Video on Demand, and of course the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) โ€“ can record 2 programmes simultaneously, can record up to 300 hours worth of stuff (thatโ€™s a whole load of TV series!), 1-click Series Recording (can tape my Kardashians everytime it plays!) and it can record 7 days in advance (amazing for when Iโ€™m traveling).

And the package also comes with IPTV broadband thatโ€™s 3 times faster than normal. With unlimited downloads, I can download like a whole series!

Astro invited us to one of their events, and this one sounds super fun! Itโ€™s a costume party and the theme is Hollywood & Celebrities! Woohoo!! Am so excited. I miss getting all dolled up and wearing nice Oscar-worthy gowns.

You can also participate and get invites to this party! We can all dress up together!! Find out more here.

I love theme parties because they make it so much easier for guests to dress when they have a narrowed choice of clothes. Like Miraโ€™s wedding was Moroccan so people came in kaftans, turbans and full on heavy accessories. And Asmaโ€™s bachelorette party was the 80s, so think Madonna, Prince etc.

And now Astroโ€™s one is Hollywood. Hmmmm Hollywood. Who should I go as????

Should I be boring and just go for black and classy Audrey Hepburn?

Bohemian princess Nicole Richie?

Or make my life easy and just wear my bath robe a la Mary Kate?

Or get a slap from my mom and be Xtina for the night?

Ok but seriously, who should I go as? Help!!