cheese overload

October 19, 2011

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This was how my stomach felt recently.

It was a blogger’s night out at Pizza Hut when they launched their ULTIMATE CHEESY 7 PIZZA (Last year, it was Cheesy 6). It’s so nice when we all hang out together and learn new things about each other. If it weren’t for Pizza Hut, we probably wouldn’t have the chance to chill together.

For all you cheese lovers, stop reading this and just press the accelerator to Pizza Hut.

There are SEVEN types of cheese in this pizza

1)   Romano

2)   Monterey Jack

3)   Parmesan

4)   Provolone

5)   Mozzarella

6)   Cheddar

7)   And the new one; Philadelphia Cream Cheese

The Cheesy 7 comes in 4 different types; Ultimate Cheesy (picture above), Cheesy Chicken with Mushroom, Cheese Hawaiian with Pineapple and Cheesy Pepperoni.  All of them have garlic herb sprinkles on the crust. Yummmmmm.

Cheesy Chicken with Mushroom

Cheesy Pepperoni


I tried all 4 and I like the Cheese Hawaiian with Pineapple the best.

I took Nani along with me, and there she is eating her happy face pizza (in first pic).

We sat next to Maria, yo.

Hanis was there too! I miss seeing her at bloggers events!

Of course, the happy couple too!

If you are having a fight with your boyfriend/husband, don’t sit near them. They ooze love in their faces, super menyampah. Hahahaha.

I got to touch their baby!

Top: Lilou

Headband: per te

Cheesie (this pizza is so dedicated to her) and SixthSeal

SixthSeal is a HUGE cheese lover, so we all donated some cream cheese to him.

I don’t know how he managed to swallow that in one bite.


Go and see if you can handle Cheesy 7! Only at Pizza Hut will you get this pizza.

You can check the TVC on Youtube.



Mouth-watering right, seeing all of them eat the pizza in the ad??

On top of that, Pizza Hut has organized The Ultimate Cheesy SMS Contest! Check this out:


Grand Prize x 1 winner : RM100,000 prize money

First Prize x 5 winners : One (1) unit Panasonic Viera TH-L42U30K 40” LCD TV each.

Second Prize x 10 winners : One (1) unit Apple iPad 2 each.

Consolation Prize x 20 winners : Pizza Hut vouchers worth RM500 each


For more info, go to their website or their Facebook fanpage: Pizza Hut Malaysia!