cool for school

October 16, 2011

I completely forgot to tell you guys about Wawa leaving.

Yeah, so she bye-bye already. Officially back in the UK pursuing her studies.

Headband: Alainn

Top: Nana G Coco Tunic

I miss her!

Before she left, FV gave her a present to remind her of us when she’s back there.

I took time to pick out the perfect gift for her and spent so much time at the store.


Her own Barbie school bag!! And water bottle and notepad and stationery.


She laughed so hard, I don’t know why. It’s a gorgeous bag, it’s not funny.

Before she left the office for the last time before she went, she hugged everyone in tears. And when it was my turn, we both sobbed.

I was happy for her, but I knew I will surely miss her cheerfulness and her life stories. She was there for me all the time, not just as a colleague, but also as a friend. And good people like that don’t come by very often.

See?? The bag looks amazing on her.

Ready for school.

“Waaa, how’s everything back in Kampung London? Ayam itik all good?”

“Sorry, no itik here. Only swans. Kitorang tak main itik…”

“Idiot. So how? You have friends or not there?”


We all teased her about not having friends in London because she’s so old already, none of her classmates would want to be friends with her. Hahahaha. She hates it when we do that.

She’d say “I have friends ok!! There’s Anis…Anand…”

We’d all reply, “Right…Anis and Anand…” while doing the wink and the inverted comma sign.

It’s ok, Wa. Bring the school bag to school. Promise a lot of people will want to friend you then.

We made her promise that she’ll wear this bag to school, at least once. So if any of you see her in the streets of London with this hot pink bag, please snap a picture for me!