dress me up grooming session

October 11, 2011

Almost fell off my chair when a UiTM law student Yaya called me up and asked me to give a talk on grooming at their university. If only she saw me on the other side of the phone; hair uncombed, make-up undone, one leg up at the office pantry sipping teh ais straight from the plastic.

I am terrified of giving speeches at university so I turned this one down. But I said yes to judging their fashion show. Thought it would be so interesting and something I would enjoy. Plus, I learned that the other judge was going to be Jaja from GLAM magazine, so phewww familiar face. And if I get a nervous breakdown, I’ll just nod at everything Jaja says.

My necklace: Nana G

My top: Khoon Hooi

My pants: Gallo

The students were divided into groups and were given some fabric. They had less than ONE HOUR to turn it into a dress! Whoaaa I thought they were so brave! I’d just be like screw this and go have lunch. But they stayed on and designed and pinned and draped. Project Runway style.

Making pleats by ironing each section. That’s dedication right there!

After we were done disturbing the groups, Jaja and I were brought to the waiting room where a spread of yummy food awaited us.

Ahhh…. we were treated so well by UiTM students.

This was so yummy I had like 5 servings, I’m not kidding. No one was watching, so why not.

Home-made chrysanthemum tea.

Meet Ed, the cook! I was so impressed that he made the feast and tirelessly served us.

I told him I loved his blazer, and he revealed that he has an online blogshop!

Jaja and I were called back in the lecture theater where the groups were ready to catwalk their masterpiece!

Some of them:

I actually love this rosette detail at the back and the halter at the front.

Giving comments on each piece. Had no idea what came out of my mouth!

I was so impressed. These were law students, not fashion students!! And they took out the needle and sewed cloth together to make into decent pieces of clothes! I never did anything like that in uni, so kudos to those who organised this session and everyone who participated. I personally feel these kind of grooming sessions are important and it’s a real good break from the usual textbook revision! Wish I had this when I was studying 🙁

Thank you UiTM law students for giving me the opportunity to participate in your event. A special thanks to Yaya for being so welcoming. I had so much fun at the fashion show and pretending that I knew stuff about clothes. You guys made me feel so special on that day and for that, this will stay as one of the best memories I’ve ever had in a law lecture room. Haha!

Feels good to be inside a law faculty when you’re not a law student anymore.

Good luck to our future lawyers in UiTM! Wishing you guys all the success the future has to offer!