open house galore

October 1, 2011

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Foooh this past few weeks, weekends are just filled with open houses! I’m pretty sure any weight we might have lost during Ramadhan, we’ve gained back twice the amount!

There’s nothing bad about open houses at all! I don’t understand how some people get lazy to go open houses. What’s not to love? Free flow of food and catch up with friends. Bliss!

My kaftan: Innai

My necklace: eltii

My top: Radzuan Radziwill

My pareo: Poya

Cardigan: Radzuan Radziwill

Top: Mimpikita

Went to a lot of open houses sponsored by companies too. But one that was really good was the open house by Sofy.

Yes, Sofy! The big packs you see in your ladies private cupboards.

I like Sofy pads, so it was an honor to be a part of the event.

Lisa Surihani is the ambassador, so they had an intimate open house themed “Riang Raya bersama Sofy & Lisa”

And riang it was! Everyone was happy and taking pictures in between food binge rounds. There was an interview session with Lisa, and there were even games and interaction sessions with the guests.

My top: Pink Jambu

She is such a sweetheart, Lisa. The first time I met her was at the Glam cover shoot we did together.

Being a pro that she is, she would do this yawning. So she was telling the nervous me to just relax and be myself. One of the Malaysian celebs I have respect for, it was nice to see her at the Sofy open house.

I must say Sofy did a nice job in welcoming all the guests. The designated area for them was so packed with Sofy supporters, but they still tried to find seats for everyone who came in.

We were fed so well with all the yummy food by Restoran Seri Melayu.

Mee bandung

Nasi Minyak with corn (I don’t like corn, but this was surprisingly super duper yummy!!)

Abundance of lauk for Sofy guests

My hang out spot

I LOVE open houses that have ais kacang.

Ais kosong, with extra gula Melaka. Omg yummmm!


All guests left with a whole bag full of pads in assorted types and colours. Even the men!! It came in handy when umm, there was a girly emergency.

Was probably the only event that if anyone asked “Does anyone have a pad?”, everyone would raise their hands helpfully.

I decided to spread the word and share the pads with the girls in the office. Now no one needs to run down to Guardian when another leaked unexpectedly. Haha.

The Pink

Sofy Body Fit Day Maxi with Wing

No leakages during heavy flow days


The Blue

Sofy Body Fit Comfort Nite 35 cm

Longer pads to reallyyyyy ensure there are no leakages, even if you, like me, move around so much in our sleep (seriously, I think I’m an acrobat in my sleep). We all hate it when we stain our bedsheets. They’re a nightmare to wash and iron.


The Red

Sofy Long and Wide Light Flow

For the 4th day onwards…


The Yellow

Sofy Double Fresh Pantyliners


It’s 2 in 1, guys! It’s a 2-layered pantiliner. So when you want to change pantiliners, you can just peel off the first layer and you get a fresh one already in your pants! Such value for money!


Ok, that’s not all. Did you know that Sofy pads have a raised center? It’s to, ummm, well fit snugly down there, you know what I mean? So if you still leak when you use Sofy, I don’t know what to say anymore.

Sofy is full of surprises. Their next event will be called Sofy Aksi Extreme where audience aged 18-24 will get together to participate in Ritmo Zum (a dance routine from Celebrity Fitness). So in mid-November, get ready to shake that boo-tay, with Lisa Surihani of course! Details are pending as this event is still in the works.