silicon valley comes to malaysia

October 23, 2011

Silicon Valley is a place in the US where all the rich millionaires and smart students hang and have coffee. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter etc all have offices in the same area, and you can imagine what a tech place it is. Topics for lunch include HTML codes, the latest software, at what age they dropped out of uni and how funny Sheldon is in Big Bang Theory. But most of all, how many millions did you make yesterday. These are very influential people with billion dollar companies, and 10 Silicon Valley icons came down to KL to share their wisdom.

Around 1,000 young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs attended this 2-day conference and mannn we learned so much!!

I attended the 2-day conference on behalf of FashionValet. I thought I could only focus on the fashion business and talk about how gorgeous a skirt was. But it was my responsibility as MD to attend to explore ideas how FV can grow (also Dean forced me). Even though I have no idea how javascript works, I braved conversations with tech guys anyway. I learned so so much from them, and I also learned a lot about entrepreneurship from these millionaire icons.

Founder of LinkedIn

VP of Sales in Skype

Founder of

Co-Founder of YouTube

Partner at CMEA Capital (a venture capitalist firm)

Just to share with some of you what I learned at this conference…

To summarise what they said,  basically entrepreneurship is the desire to make something out of yourself. A lot of the times, ideas are generated and then just forgotten because we can’t be bothered to do anything about them. We come up with so many ideas a day on how to improve lives and make things easier for the public, and then we just go to bed. And that’s a shame because not only are you not realising yourself to full potential, but also other people miss out the chance from benefiting from your brilliant idea.

Entrepreneurs are strong-willed, stubborn people who do not take instructions well. The founder of, Jeff Hoffman, for example, gave suchhhhh an inspiring talk on how to deal with negativity. In every single idea, there will be a lot of people who will tell you negative things that might discourage you to go further.

He said when he resigned, his boss called him in and told him off and said you will never be a successful entrepreneur. Why? 3 reasons:

1) You’re not focused – you do 10 things at once

2) You’re impatient

3) You have no respect for authority

He also told him that soon, he will come begging for his job again and by then it will be too late. Jeff said that he would poke his eyes out before coming again to that office.

Anyway, he was so depressed after that, but he realised he was getting advice from the wrong people. He was listening to people who weren’t his target market, people who didn’t understand the business he wanted to go in, so whatever he thought was alien to them.

He talked to another person who understood his vision and the guy said that he’ll be a very successful man because of 3 reasons:

1) You’re a brilliant multi-tasker

2) You have a drive to get things done

3) You’re not afraid to try something new

It’s exactly the same 3 things his ex-boss said to him! In a different light.

He now owns a company worth billions of dollars (I wonder how his ex-boss feels).

A lot of them said they’re not bothered by failures. They all said we’re going to fail more than once, but get over it! It’s better to have failed than to have never tried at all.

Someone asked “What if you’re scared to tell people or investors about your idea cos they might steal it?”

A speaker cleverly answered, “Whatever your idea is, go google it. It’s already out there.”


One of the speakers also gave advice on how to protect your idea.

1) Patent

Protect your trademark

2) First in

Have a new idea. Don’t copy someone’s model, be more creative. It’s easier when you’re the first in the market. Customers don’t like switching.

3) Relationships

Networking is very important. Most of the time, it’s who you know. You have to know the people in your industry to be ahead.

One of them also quoted the late Steve Jobs’s 2005 Commemoration Speech at Stanford, ” If you live everyday thinking it’ll be your last day, one day you will be right.”


It was so sad, considering he just passed away. But he’s right. So always be the best that you can be, and don’t live someone else’s life.

We were also inspired by our local entrepreneurs!

Founder of P1 Wimax

CEO of Groupon

Founder of MOL who bought over Friendster


We also met a lot of people just like us and who we really want to work with to develop FV. Hungry, with big dreams, high ambitions and a crazy drive to get there fast.

Seeing all of them, I realised what powerful energy the ballroom had. These are the fellow entrepreneurs that will Insyaallah be huge!! And I was in the same room with them, breathing the same air and absorbing the same knowledge. And who knows how successful we will be in 10 years? I’m telling you, with the energy I felt, there was definitely a future Malaysian Steve Jobs somewhere in there.

The guys from Foldle, super smart team – check out their creation. They were chosen by the Silicon Valley icons too, these future millionaires.

With our friend Joe who now runs his own consulting firm, Prudenz. *proud of him*

With Rayyan from He’s in the process of doing his own startup providing storage for students. Support him!

Btw, I have some good news!!

Out of the 1000 participants, the Silicon Valley icons chose 10 people who they want to meet privately with.

Each of these 10 people were given 20 minutes to present and ask anything they want from these millionaire geniuses.

Guess who was chosen?!


And guess chosen by who??

We got chosen by the freaking co-founder of YouTube!!!

I got to shake hands and chat with him. And man….I thought he would slip some money in his handshake. Pfft. I mean, this guy got a cool 60 million bucks from Google. Haha.

Anyway, so I thought the private session didn’t go so well, because he was expressionless most of the time and he didn’t say much.

So I came out a little bit disheartened.

But thennnnn….. half hour later, we got a call from him to come up again to meet with someone.


Man, my heart was racing!!

I don’t want to reveal much until our ideas have been realised, but I really hope God will light our way to success!

Work in Progress!

Top: PU3 Classic Top

Pants: Zara

Shoes: GlamRockChic Heart & Soul

I wore these GlamRockChic heels to the conference (sorry doctors, it was a special occasion) and let me tell you, they’re not only pretty and detailed, but they’re sooo comfy!! I wore them from 8 am till 7 pm and my feet surprisingly was fine!! Kudos to this brand seriously. All their shoes are cleverly built to be comfortable. I spoke to the owner and she really puts in a great deal of time in the architecture of the shoes to focus on comfort. Check them out. (Girls will be girls!)

(For those of you who have never bought shoes online, it’s super easy! Just measure your feet like this and check the size chart)