traditional wedding

October 6, 2011

Everyone opts for a Western wedding, but just recently I attended a friend’s wedding and she went all traditional. Not like traditional mix modern, but full on traditional.

I LOVE IT!! I was so proud of Zaireen for being proud of our roots. I feel like I should be writing in Malay for this post, haha!

There wasn’t an English song at the wedding, and even her cake was pulut kuning. Impressive.

So cantikkkkk, full on songket! My favourite colour!

Congrats Zaireen and Amir!!!

The food prepared was by chefs flown in from New Delhi.

With Farahana

My dress was by Mimpikita’s upcoming new collection and I’m very honored that I’m the first person to wear it. Love it so much, it had like a little trail as well.

With Jessica

My headband: eclipse

My earrings: Ola

Newlyweds Nisa and Redza

Soon to be newlyweds Yas and Faz (Faz is Dean’s brother)

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza came on stage as a surprise to the guests and belted out a Malay song while Zaireen and Amir cut the pulut kuning.

The gift for the guests was a 12-set coaster of traditional kebaya designs specially made for Zaireen.

The days leading up to Zaireen’s wedding was so nice. Everyday there were tweets about it by her best friends and how everyone was so excited for her. They even made a Twitter hashtag thingy for her wedding. They threw her God knows how many surprises and they were there for her every single day preparing for the wedding. It was so sweet!

*looks at Toots*

Man, she doesn’t even have Twitter.

I was quite inspired by Zaireen’s wedding. When I get married one day, maybe I would opt for traditional too! My mom wore the super traditional red songket with the gold patches everywhere. So maybe I could wear my mom’s wedding kebaya and cut it up to make a slightly modern wedding dress.

*holds scissors, opens mommy’s cupboard, evil laugh*