November 14, 2011

Afzan is now a Mrs!

We all weeped at her wedding, not because we were so happy or whatever (haha) but because we know what she’s been through these past few weeks leading up to her wedding.

So many issues came up one after the other, every single day, that she was so stressed that her skin started peeling. We didn’t want to go near her because she was so flaky and disgusting. Hahaha. I bought her moisturising cream and kind of just shoved it at her. “Here! Take this, don’t touch me!”

We hope she’s back to normal now and we really really wish happiness for her forever! She really deserves it.

In a beautiful Nurita Harith dress

Almost cried when she hugged her mom, but still kept my ahem cool…

Earrings: Ola

Baju Kurung: Poya

Nani, on the other hand….

Asma’ didn’t have feelings.


May you and Iki last forever! WE LOVE YOU!!

Afzan was one of those brides who wanted that special 11.11.11 date. Cheesy!!!!! There were soooo many weddings on that day, I’m very sure all over the world. How much money did florists make on that day alone? Foooh.

I had to rush from Afzan’s wedding to Shura’s nikah (felt like just yesterday I wrote about her getting proposed to and then again about her engagement)

Dulang girls being kecoh in the room next door.

Moments before becoming a Mrs.

Bride’s glow! Or a freaking awesome make-up artist.

Alia and I

Toots and I

This was when Shura watched her husband say the akad nikah, when they officially become husband and wife.

In any Muslim wedding, this is THE moment that is the most important. I can’t imagine how they both feel, especially the guy! He must have a million feelings going through his heart.


Congratulations my dearest Shura and hubby!

Another wedding!

Fars and I

A recent friend got hitched too and my goddddd she looked sooooooo cantik on her wedding day. Grinning from ear to ear.

And guess what’s unique about the couple. Nabilah and her hubby didn’t meet each other for a whole month before the wedding! They wanted their wedding day to be extra special when they finally see each other after a whole month of missing each other like crazy. Man, a whole month!! Ok la, for my wedding I want to try not see him for TWO months. Hehe.

Jess and I

Necklace: Kalong

Top: Radzuan Radziwill

Pareo: Tri-Os

Clutch: Sasha Rowena