first up

November 9, 2011

Being the firstborn is pretty awesome, don’t you think?

The whole family is waiting hand and foot for you, the empty room gets painted yellow a few hours after the pregnancy test is positive, yellow clothes start filling up the cupboards in the nursery. Everyone’s excited!

When my sister was pregnant with my nephew, everyone was grinning everyday with excitement. I remember we all pulled out chairs for her, held her bags, and we drove reallllyyyyy slowly so we wouldn’t cause any disturbance to the not-out-yet nephew. The doctor told us not to be so anal as there’s a protective layer around the baby to withstand a lot of things, but we thought mehh the doctor doesn’t have a lot of experience and those hundreds of certificates displayed probably came with the wallpaper. When my sister was in labour, my mom was praying till the wee hours of the morning for her, and I was in the UK clutching my phone eager to receive news from the family. When nephew arrived into the world, our lives were just put on hold and everything became about the new boy in the family.

When my sister gave birth to little niece, we were all “Aww so cute….gotta go to work now. See you later!”

(I will edit the paragraph above and lie, when little niece learns how to read)

And then I realised something. I was little niece!!! It’s the 2nd child syndrome.

When my sister came out, everyone was celebrating and she had her whole cukur jambul ceremony and countless birthday parties. My parents were free-er back then, more energetic and outgoing, and videocams were cool so there are so many clips of my sister as a child. When I came out, it was like mehhh been there done that. I asked to see my cukur jambul album, and my mom kept quiet. -_____-

Just look at the family album private collection.


No wonder I keep seeing new pictures of my sister as a child, because she has so many to choose from! You should see my family scrapbook albums. Most of my pictures are from my “grown up” phase because I mean seriously, there’s not much choice for me as a baby!! They might have as well taught me how to use a camera as a toddler so I can take my own pictures hmphhhh! Omgg it so explains my obsession with cameras and photo albums now. To make up for lost time. Pftt.

For my sister’s birthday recently, we all went for a family drive and my dad played DVDs of my sister when she was a kid. That’s right, they even took the trouble to convert old-school tapes into DVDs so they won’t lose the precious footage.

Ahhh there were subtitles too! You know, just in case, I wanted to know what they were so happy about and where.

We spent hours watching my sister talking, jumping, skipping, blowing candles. Suchhhhh a fun ride for me. I was having the time of my life looking for the motion sickness bag to barf in.

What do we play at family drives during MY birthday?

The freakin radio.

Seeeee, as much as you eldest children loveeee to complain about the pressure of setting an example bla bla yawn, you have your perks!

As for me, don’t worry! I make them take my pictures allllll the time now. Never too late for payback.