iff at mifw

November 25, 2011

One of my personal favs is the Islamic fashion show.

“Designers have to adhere to the rules in the Muslim attire and this pushes their creativity to the limit.” – IFF

3 out 6 designers for the MIFW IFF show were already on FV, so we were delighted to be there and root for them.

Tas Iman by Tom Abang Saufi:

View their collection here.

Pink Jambu:

View their collection here.

Adnan Hassan:

Aisya Rahim:

Rico Rinaldi:

RR by Radzuan Radziwill:

(All the items are already sold on FV, so you can purchase them now if you like any)

View the entire collection here.

Cape Kaftan (khaki, blue, black)

Round-neck striped kaftan (pink, green)

V-neck striped kaftan (turquoise, purple, pink, green, brown, blue)

Shirt Kaftan (blue, orange, turquoise)

V-Neck Kaftan (black, blue, mustard, orange, purple, red, turquoise)

With Habsah from Tom Abang Saufi

Jacket: Berrybow (mustard, pink, black)

Necklace: Eltii Marissa (gold, silver)

Shoes: GlamRockChic (nude, red)

We were so hungry we adjourned to a nice Italian lunch at Ciao.

So, Ciao!