one year mark

November 17, 2011

Event’s over, guys!! It’s 3 am and I’m surprisingly not tired! I’m feeling some sort of energy boost and since no one’s awake, why not pour out my story to my trusted blog.

Dear Big White Box on My Computer Screen,

Today marked a huge day in my life, it was the one year mark for We planned a huge event for the media, designers and guests and us being us, we wanted it to be different. Not the usual fashion show, alcohol, mingling, bye. We wanted it to be like a real one-year old birthday. With balloons, popcorn, cotton candy, photobooth, colourful streamers. And that all came to life and more. There were flowers, a 5-tier cake, a fashion show, a video montage. And the amazing part is I don’t know how we managed, but we got Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation to collaborate with us, and have the amazing duo of Ben & Phat Fabes emcee for us. I guess it’s true what they say – dream big.

The moments leading up to the event was of course stressful. My phone has never rung that much, trying to coordinate between event planner, colleagues, guests, partners and sponsors. I finally knew what a migraine was. But you know what kept me sane? The tremendous support from family, friends and most of all the rest of the FV team. We all stayed back in the office till 3 am days leading up to the event, and instead of treating it like a chore, we all put on How I Met Your Mother on screen and told each other stories as we worked. In hindsight, I realised that we didn’t even have that much to do, but we just wanted to be in the office together (or was it just me? hehe)

Today, on the day of the event, my goodness…. So many issues came up, one after the other. There was problem after problem, and Dean and I just wanted to.. well, sleep actually. We managed to solve it all with minor hiccups and finally, guests started arriving one by one, two by two. Dean and I looked at each other and we knew what the other was saying; is it too late to cancel??? We were both freeeaking out. It didn’t help that it’s now rainy season and we clever peeps just hadddd to choose an outdoor venue (it’s so pretty you guys, we just had to do it there!)

I wasn’t smiling the whole time because I was too worried. When friends started coming up telling me to stop stressing, I faked a smile. Haha. But then, I realised that everyone else was smiling. They were eating, talking, mingling, taking photos… what on earth was I nervous about?! This is a happy day for FV. Local designers were all in one place at one time and we made that happen! More people know about local designers now and we helped that happen too! We had our ups and downs, but 365 days into it, we have never stopped growing or lost interest. In fact, our passion keeps burning each day and we have so many plans for expansion.

So I chilled and just enjoyed myself. My parents were there showing support, my sister was ushering guests to their seats, my friends were working the crowd. The only person who wasn’t there was Opah! Haha.

This event wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the sponsors.

GPLF, Proven Group of Companies, Churp Churp, Netbuilder, Miss Universe Malaysia, Mimpi Murni Events, Tie The Knot, Vanilla Floral, Printlah!, FCC Colour Cosmetics (formerly known as Farmasi), Micheal & Guys, Gatauxlicious, Tutti Frutti Solaris Dutamas.

I want to remember them forever. They are so awesome to have believed in us and we hope we have not failed them.

Well, ok Big White Box on My Computer Screen, I shall go to sleep now as I still have a job to go to tomorrow….. pictures will follow soon.

I actually feel a fever/flu coming up now. It’s been wanting to come since last week but I ahem postponed it to after the event.