November 7, 2011

“Along, I have a friend’s daughter’s birthday party this weekend. Can I bring – “

“Here!!!” My sister hands me their diaper bag. “Take, take!!”

Children are God-sent miracle creatures who bring us nothing but happiness, huh?

I brought nephew and niece to a birthday party and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

“Can I bring my dinosaur toy??”


“Maksu, where are we going?”

“I want schweeee-ming!!!!!!!!”

“Are we there yet?”


I really wanted to turn back and kindly return them to my sister.

Thank God there was a little pool there. It was embarrassing. The only kids who swam were the birthday girl and her relatives. And then there were also these 2 random kids who really treated the house like their own; nephew and niece.

I cannot understand their obsession with swimming pools.

Dean was wearing Radzuan Radziwill Men

Dean handled it well though. Probably because he has younger siblings.


Top: Pink Jambu

I mean, hello, I don’t have experience with little children, so even tying my niece’s hair was challenging because she kept squirming and I didn’t want to hurt her scalp.

Gorgeous Hawaiian Luau theme party

Table setting and nephew trying to wrestle Dean

With Fars and mommy of birthday girl

Yay!! 1st birthday

The details were superb. Everything was paid attention to right to even the mineral water given.

There were bubbles given in the goodie bags and guess who hogged it all. Definitely wasn’t nephew or niece.

All in all, I had fun. But I was flat tired after I got home. All I wanted was to shower and take a nap.

Respect to moms… They must get a lot of pahala taking care of their children with unconditional love.

And all those moms looking super hot, like stepping out of the magazine while their children trot behind them….stop hiding your five maids.

I was trying to so hard to keep my hair in check, keep my clothes uncreased and all, but most of the time, I was picking food out of niece’s hair and chasing after nephew who’s gladly chatting up all the ladies there. I looked like this most of the time:

And I’m just the aunt!!