stomp my feet

November 30, 2011

My mom would joke with me, “Do you know what this is for?”

Today, I can answer her with utmost honesty.

It’s to play music!

I just got back from Stomp and it was sooooo cool!!! It’s amazing how they create music and rhythm by everything that’s around them. I’ve always wondered how the Stomp shows worked. They didn’t have storylines, plots, not even dialogues! And I never bothered to go in London because I didn’t think I’d enjoy this concept of “plays”.

But mannnn…. I so did!!! There was no intermission in between, so I was wondering how restless I’d get since my patience level is quite low. But I didn’t feel bored because I was at awe most of the time. And I didn’t see anyone who got up to go to the toilet.

They used all sorts of things to create music; brooms, sticks, pails, newspapers, plastic, matchboxes, lighters, tyres. Heck there was even a scene with sinks!

What I love was that they interacted with the audience too. Our hands are all red now, but the audience tonight just loved it!

Buy your tickets NOW.

Vanessa and I

My top: Yadotsa (pink, yellow)

Nasa and I

Nani and I

Next time Stomp plays, you might see Nani in it. She’s already practising to audition. And lucky me, I get to see this all night…. *yawn*