November 12, 2011

It was just silence as we took a break in between work. We had so much work leading up to FV’s 1st birthday party, but we needed a breather and a stretch.

Nani was sipping a drink from a glass, Dean just staring at the wall all tired, and I was…well I was playing with my tongue because I was pretty sure there was some chilli stuck in my mouth.

Then the randomest thought came to my head.



“You know the science thingy that tell us that our certain parts of our tongue tastes only certain tastes?”


Nani ignored me, but Dean had more love for me.


“I think it’s all a scam.”


“Cos whenever I taste food, my whole tongue tastes it. Sweet or salty, the whole thing feels it. I don’t believe the taste sections even exist.”

“But it’s science.”

“Yeah, that’s what they tell you! You’d believe anything…”

Dean kept quiet and continued staring at the wall.

After a few seconds of silence,  Dean played with his tongue and looked at me.

“Ok let’s try!” He suddenly got energized. “Grab some salt and sugar.”

Guess what we did for the next few minutes…

That’s right, we put science to test.

And we’re both still confused if the front part of our tongue tasted the salt or not. But we realised we totally wasted 5 minutes of our lives.

You try!!

You know, if you’ve got nothing better to do with your time.