the zip system

November 21, 2011

The more I go to talks, the more I realise that who you associate yourselves with is a crucial thing in your life. How others perceive you I guess is somewhat important, but to me, most importantly is what that person makes you want to become.

I’m lucky to have a wonderful family and Alhamdulillah, God is kind to give me an easy start there. But what’s difficult is choosing the rest of the people; your life partner and your friends. Because that’s your own decision and it says a lot about yourself.

Asma’s such a do-do, really. We were talking about this recently and she went, “Yeah…I keep going back and forth about whether or not I want to continue this friendship with you.” She’s kidding, people. That’s how she expresses her love…. aren’t we all lucky?  -___-

Back to being serious. The more I grow up, the more I realise the only person who has the power to decide for you is yourself. I would say I’m a pretty friendly person and I would be friends with everybody. But on a deeper layer, I only have a handful of people I bbm everyday and I don’t wear make-up in front of. It’s very hard to find these people and once you found them, hold on to dear life.

Don’t waste your time on people who gossip, people who talk bad about others, and people who complain about life. These aren’t happy people. I read somewhere a very meaningful quote, “Don’t judge someone by what people say about them. Judge them by what they say about others.” So always keep ourselves in check too. Be careful what you say about others.

My friends and I have a “ZIP” system now. Us being human beings, sometimes we slip and we accidentally go “You won’t believe what I saw…”. So when any of us is at the edge of going into that unnecessary sin, we go, “Omg! ZIP!! ZIP!!” as if zipping our mouths shut. Of course, the rest of us will hate that person because we’d be so curious. It doesn’t matter if it gets to them or not, that should be the least of our problems if we get caught. The bigger issue is whether or not we take care of our mouths and whether or not there are many black dots in our hearts. It’s definitely hard, but we’re all trying!

If there are any young teens reading this, please take this advice; choose your friends. It’s so scary to read all sorts of crazy wild things happening in this world, and I really think one of the factors is peer pressure. Choose the friend who tells you to calm down when you’re mad, the friend who thinks good things of your enemies and tells you to soften your heart, the friend who tells you to work harder, the friend who respects your parents, the friend who leaves the prayer mat open to signal it’s your turn, the friend who has held your hand for the longest time and never judged you.

I have a few of those friends but since I like this picture of Toots and I, she gets the honour. Hahaha.

Toots, you know I love you! Here’s to 15+ years of friendship! Wouldn’t have survived this long if it’s not true love.

But of course, every friendship has its down side.

Take me as I am, yo.