tie dye

November 22, 2011

For our event doorgifts, we wanted something that is from FV. We had our FV vouchers and sponsors’ vouchers, but we didn’t want it to be a bag of papers! So I thought it would be nice to have something from FV that represents Dean and I separately.

We recently had a Facebook FV Story Tshirt competition that people participated in. Everyday, we would pick a winning sentence and soon enough, we had a whole paragraph of such random things that the story just doesn’t make sense! But it was special nonetheless to us, because it was a story strung together with sentences made by our Facebook fans. Some of these T-shirts will be sold on FV soon as an FV merchandise.

My choice of doorgift was a silk twilly headband.

It was extra special to us because WE HANDMADE EACH ONE!!

I was ready to just buy, but Nani’s all like “BUAT JE LA, TAKYAH PEMALAS SGT! SEMUA NAK BELI, SEMUA NAK BUANG DUIT!”


So we had an FV Tie-Dye Day! And it was so much fun!!

We bought white silk fabric and we cut them into the twilly size we wanted.

We chose two colours and we mixed the dye with hot water. (Water’s got to be reallyyyy hot!)

We folded the cloth into random shapes and folds to create different effects. No one twilly was the same as the other. Some turned out nice, others….well, next time I’ll fold better la ok.. Apparently just scrunching them up and tying them with rubber band won’t create a nice abstract effect.

Poor Afzan. The white cloth obviously strays, so prepare some tissue when you have to sneeze.

So when the dye is fully diluted in the hot water, we dip!

I get why it’s called Tie Dye now. You tie it up and then you dip them in the dye!

Open them and voila!

Rinse and dry

Top: Lilou

Our guest list doubled in a week, so we had to have a second FV Tie Dye Day and produced these.

T-shirt: Pestle & Mortar

We had a sewing team that consisted of my mom, her friend and Nani (because this was her genius idea). The final product was pretttyyyyy! And having my mom as the QC Inspector, she made sure all the stitching was nice.

So happy to see the final product. All our hard work! We hope the guests liked them!

We wanted it to be black and maroon to follow FV colours, but err….don’t know what happened it turned out grey and pink.

So, we just played along and pretended those were the original colours we had in mind.