wedding receptions

November 1, 2011

So many weddings lately! People are getting broody aren’t they? Hehe.

One of them is my very own good friend, Mira!

So happy to see her finally on her big day. I’ve been teasing her about her wedding for years and she’s always been Nolah Nolah. Miss Nolah is now gorgeous Mrs. Imran.

Moroccan theme wedding

I know my dress isn’t exactly Moroccan, but Mimpikita made it for me especially for this wedding reception, so blame them! But I’m so in love with it, I don’t care.

With Ami. Now THAT’S Moroccan! Hehe.

Nona and I in matching colours cos we’re romantic like that.

Mira and Imran had their reception at such an original place! My house!

I’m kidding.

They did it at the Islamic Civil something something. ISTAC, was it?

It’s this castle-like house in Taman Duta. Gorrrrgeeeousss!!!

The video montage came on and we got to see how Imran proposed to Mira.

In style, yo!!

He took her on a plane (he has a flying school I think?) and actually flew her around KL. So sweet right?!!

And then suddenly on a roof or a piece of land or something, there was a sentence written…



Ok sorry.. the sentence is…..



Can you imagine if another plane came by and someone else used that to propose to his girlfriend?

At Imran’s wedding reception, they went full-on traditional. They had silat, they even had the scene where the bride and groom sit on the floor to eat while other panglima or laksamana sit there as well. It looked so cool in the video!!

She looked like Siti Nurhaliza doesn’t she??

Congratulations Mira and Imran!!! So happy for you guys.

Congrats also to Ben Ibrahim and Sophie. They’re broody too.

Beautiful reception with dreamy theme; pastel pink and purple all round. Felt like I was in a fairytale.

I couldn’t get a good photo of them, so here’s one I stole from Sophie.

Don’t they look amazing??

I saw that dress and I was like BIYAN!!! Must be Biyan!!

And it was….sigh. So cantik. But not everyone can pull off this dress like Sophie does.

With gorgeous bridesmaid, Shera.

More weddings coming up.

One of them is FV’s very own Afzan! She’s so stressed everyday with the preparation, it’s scaring me!

Can’t wait for Afzan’s!