an island

December 18, 2011

I dream of a holiday in a deserted island….beautiful waves and clear blue sky with a hint of pretty clouds…..and birds chirping….no phones, no laptop…just me and my loved ones.. away from the workload and city pressure…. an island of beautiful things.

And here I am in Singapore.


I’m here for my Asma’!!! And Orchard Road. Best part is Toots is here too! B’s not around so we’re all gonna single-ladies it up this weekend. Wooooo hoooooo!!!

How we got here was hilarious. But that’s another post for you.

Just landed and priorities first! Now figuring out my first Singapore outfit.

First thing Asma’ did was unzip my bag and raided my clothes onto the bed.

Then she unzipped Toot’s bag.

And looked around for us with much disappointment.

“Uhh…..” She looked confused. “There aren’t enough clothes in here. Why are you not honoring me?”

Gah I miss Asma’!!

I’m so excited to be here!!!!!!