December 21, 2011

Ok so punctuality isn’t my forte. Neither is patience. Wow.. I’m a life-size irony aren’t I?

Toots and I booked the earliest flight out the next morning to Singapore and we took Jetstar as it was the cheapest. Happy and confident, I packed my bag carefully choosing each outfit and the appropriate shoes to go with them.

“We have to be there at 7.50 am,” Toots reminded me.

“Ok got it.”

Plenty of time, I thought.

Well, when we got there, the check-in counter had already closed and there was NO ONE behind it to consult. My heart dropped. I have never ever missed a flight before. Asma’ is a pro at missing flights and I would make so much fun of her, but not me. Me, I never miss flights. Full stop.

The only people in sight were the guards by the security scanner for bags. We asked who we can see for Jetstar, and they said “Kejap eh?” and looked around for people (without moving more than 2 steps…you really had to take 30 steps to get to the nearest person where we were standing). Then they looked at each other, moved back 2 steps and looked at each other again. In the end they said they couldn’t find anyone. No way!! But you tried so hard…

So they told us to go to Jetstar office on the 4th floor.

Went to Jetstar office on the 4th floor.

Learned that there was no such thing.

Jetstar is Australian and was handled by Malaysia Airlines Customer Service, we were told.

Paced up and down to find Malaysian Airlines office and we found a nice staff who told us it closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Well, good guy with bad news….. he doesn’t seem so good anymore.

Asma’ found a number of the Jetstar guy to call on the KLIA website. I had lots of fun speaking to his answering machine 10 times.

We even spoke to Enrich staff who might be able to help (they’re always so nice!), and we were so close. They called the gate straight but they were already closing the gate. We might’ve been able to get our boarding passes had we not wasted time playing hide and seek with the imaginary Jetstar office.

Ok, I can ponder about this later. Right now, I needed to get to Singapore. We calculated the cheapest (still demanding that even after a missed flight haha!) and fastest way to get to Singapore. And found ourselves in LCCT. (Can you believe last minute flights to Singapore via Air Asia is cheaper than Firefly by A LOT?? I thought Firefly was budget airline?)

Since it was my mistake, I was given the honor to pay.

Top: Khoon Hooi

Necklace: per te

I will never be late for anything again.

Despite the lesson learnt and the pain of losing unnecessary money, there was still a silver lining; we got to have proper breakfast while waiting for our flight, and best of all….the keropok and asam shop in LCCT airport. I loveee trying all the asams and nuts they have there. Consider it free lunch. Hehe. *rubs tummy*

From then onwards, Toots and I unleashed the Singaporeans in us.

“Hurry! We have got to be the first in line to go!”

“No I want to be first!”

“No I walk faster!”

There was even a point where we were arguing about who’s paler.

“My face is so pale….”

“No, I’ve been running so much. I’M paler…”

What on earth was wrong with us….

We got all excited when we saw Singapore nearing.

We were already devising strategies to embarrass Asma’ when we walked out the exit that everybody waited at. I had my sunnies and kept flipping my hair, nose in air. I really wished I had a feather boa. Toots grabbed like 4 of those free maps and travel guides, and opened them up while walking. And we were ready to exaggerate our roles as Vivy the Annoying SuperDiva and Toots the Shameless Tourist.

Well…We basically just gave everyone else a show but our required audience Asma’ wasn’t even there.

Super tak sayang.

She finally found us doing this in the middle of the airport.

She agreed to take us in the car and we all lived happily ever after.


I have a game for you guys to download on your iPads. It’s called Temple Run. And is seriously the funnest game ever.

We were all fighting for our turns, cheating and lying about who already died.

Really brings out the best in people, this Temple Run.

Top: Nana G (purple, red)