fashion dean

December 28, 2011

My 2nd radio interview today! I love radio interviews. No pressure on outfit, make-up, hair, posture etc. Can even wear bunny slippers and sit cross-legged.

Plus the headphone thingy is just too cool. I didn’t get to wear it, but I touched it!

I was invited to be on Style File on BFM 89.9 and I was so honored! Looking at  the list of previous guests, I gulped! The likes of established magazine editors, senior fashion designers, I couldn’t help but break a sweat.

What do I know about fashion?! Yeah, umm, I guess this goes with that, and I guess this color can go with that necklace, umm can someone get Asma’ on the phone for me please?

But it wasn’t too bad. It was very chilled and a pretty relaxed interview. Feeee-yuuuh.

Top: Berrybow

Dean’s T-shirt: David Flores

After the interview, Dean and I sat at lunch and he was all in fashion mode commenting on what people were wearing and all.

I was wearing a peplum top (love the shape it gives women!), so I thought I’d test him.

“Oh pleaseeee. Do you even know what a peplum top is?”

“Yeah, the one where the skirt starts at the waist.”

I wanted to laugh out loud! Suddenly there’s a skirt on a top? Oklah, maybe he meant peplum dress. Give chance, give chance.

Then he boasted about how many types of clothing there are for men. Tees, polo tees, shirts etc.

“Very clever. Do you know how many types of tops there are for women?”

“Duh. Tank tops and tube tops.”

Wow… my sons are so not going to international schools like Dean did.

“Uh hello!! Long sleeves, short sleeves, shirts, polo tees, tees, vests, wrap-tops, cropped, tunics, peplums, halters, bubble, empire, off-shoulder…”

“Yeah, but aren’t those just variations of tube tops and tank tops?”


“I’ve been in fashion for over a year now. I know these things, trust me.”

Sudahlah this guy. Go play over there.