i can’t do without

December 19, 2011

I’m having so much fun here with Toots and Asma’! Enjoying our time together so much. We’re thinking of doing this monthly!

We had a long day walking and when we returned to the hotel, our feet were so pretty and red.

I drew a calming bath for our feet, and for an hour, the 3 of us sat around the bathtub laughing about everything under the sun (or moon in this case) while our soaked feet slowly pruned.

The bestEST part is…..we’ve planned my wedding! Haha. Well, the concept of it, the designers and the people involved etc. Asma’ is the official wedding planner so she’s handling everything (THANK GOD!) and Toots will be taking care of me and being strict about food and exercise until June (tentative nikah day, Insyaallah). I can already foresee me hating Toots more during this period.

I love them so much.

Not this morning though.

I woke up all chirpy and ready for Singapore Day 2, but was greeted with a classy view instead.