i said yes

December 11, 2011

Ok, now I can announce it since it’s official.


Earlier this month, Dean proposed in a romantic setting. There were candles and petals everywhere and old pictures of us hanging from the ceiling. He gave me a whole speech but I don’t remember a word. Then he popped the question and a couple minutes later, my sister, Toots, Asma’, Nani and Afzan jumped out from the partition behind us. They snuck in there before we arrived and hid there in silence wanting to listen to the whole thing. Super. Kepoh.

Today, we had the merisik ceremony and Alhamdulillah, all went well and both sets of parents gave their blessing. I’ll write more about it, it’s quite funny! But Toots is sleeping over and we have to share one laptop, so bye.

But can I just quickly say that I’m really excited to share this new chapter with you guys. To my loyal Proudduck readers, you guys have read my blog since the early days and have read how I gushed about Dean from before. And now, it’s really going to happen and I couldn’t be any happier! I hope you’ll pray it be a smooth journey and an everlasting relationship for us!