lost without you

December 9, 2011

There are moments when you feel you’re so smart.

Like when you go on stage at graduation, or a big A on your final exam paper. Or when you successfully piece together your niece’s Barbie puzzle without looking at the picture.

Then, there are moments when you feel you’re a genius.

Like when you have to go to the Mac service center and tell the guy you can’t switch on your laptop anymore because you sprinkled water on it while taking a bubble bath and watching YouTube videos.

So drama today.

I cannot do without my laptop. My fingers twitch when my laptop isn’t within a metre radius.

Rolling on the floor wailing for my laptop’s speedy recovery. Life has never been this empty.

Lesson 1: Always always back up your documents at the end of every day. I’m still thanking God I practise this.

Lesson 2: Gadgets and water hate each other.

Fineeee. Just slap the big “DUH” post-it note on my forehead. I deserve it.