singapore weekend

December 22, 2011

Looking at the Singapore weekend pictures makes me smile.

Top: Yadotsa

Pants: Warehouse

There was a fashion blogger who took pictures of our outfits!

Of course she probably did that for a lot of the other people, but let’s pretend she only took our pictures ok?

It was raining the whole weekend, and we were pretty much drenched. But this bimbo Asma’ had to save her bag and stole shelter from people’s umbrellas wherever we walked. Anything for Fendi.

We went to the Night Safari and it was so much fun!!!!! I don’t usually like animals or nature, but Mashallah, God’s creations… upclose (well, not that close la…) the tigers and the ummm other animals were sooo beautiful. It was amazing!

Time for flats.

Asma’s been to the night safari 4 times, so Temple Run kept her company.

Before we went back to the hotel, we ordered take-away from Coffee Bean. It took so long, so we started playing charades.

Christmas Log Cake

Chicken Mushroom Sandwich

Victoria’s Secret Model

At breakfast, we tried playing charades again, but we were all too groggy.

And sad to leave…

Top: Nana G

Last day, we just walked around Orchard Road.

Hat: Bimba & Lola

Top: PU3 Easy Blouse

Pants: Topshop

That’s right, we got no shame. Changed clothes and sit terkangkang in the middle of the shop. It’s ok, nobody knows us in Singapore.

Last picture out!

At the airport, I pondered alone…

Actually, no. I was charging my phone! Isn’t Singapore awesome?!! They have free phone charging services everywhere!

Top: Nana G

Bye bye, Singapore.

Toodles, Asma’.

It was nice knowing you.