smarty pants

December 6, 2011

Nephew and niece are getting so big now!

They move so fast and they definitely have their own minds.

“No Maksu, I don’t want to kiss you right now because I’m busy with my dinosaur.”

“Ok fine. Maksu’s favourite little niece, will you give me a kiss?”

Niece looks at me and goes, “Noooo.”


Brutally honest.

This duo is definitely a handful now. When one screams, the other screams louder. When one runs, the other runs faster. Haiyo.

One time, we turned our backs for a second and found them here.

Their grandmother freaked out.

My sister went to their report card day recently and she said the teacher had a lot to say about Nephew.

“He doesn’t take instructions well. He has a wild imagination and he does things his way and tells you why he’s doing it.”

She wanted to be one of those annoying moms who think their kids are golden, but this time, she just nodded. Yep, that’s my son alright, she thought. Haha.

My nephew’s imagination is just crazy wild. He can come up with stories on the spot about dinosaurs and animals and he’ll answer any of your questions with surprising wit. You can’t even scold him because it’s sometimes so funny or it makes total sense what he says.

One time, he had a task in school. There were 2 pictures, a boy making a mess in his house and a boy vacuuming the floor. All the kids were asked to colour which one is the good boy. All the kids coloured the vacuum boy, except Nephew who drew some stars instead.

“Why are you drawing?” The teacher asked him.

“I’m giving the boy stars because he’s doing a good job vacuuming, Teacher!”

And he said it with utmost excitement and sincerity, it would break your heart to tell him to stop drawing stars.

Any moms who have experienced imaginative children like Nephew??