supermarket lessons

December 26, 2011

“You jolly well learn how to cook, Vivy.”

My dad’s harsh words to me.

I thought he loved me…

Pfttt. Who says I don’t know how to cook?! Black pepper beef, ayam masak merah, ayam rendang, tom yam soup… I can cook up a storm.

Of course it heavily involves spending time at the Adabi Instant Perencah section, but whatevs… who do you think cuts up the onions and knows how much oil and water to put in? They don’t just mix themselves you know… And I’ve learned that meat don’t naturally section themselves into cute little cubes in the wok.


I had my first taste of cooking alone in the UK. But I wasn’t that fussy. Boil water, add Tom Yam cubes, add boiled macaroni, chow down in front of the TV = the happiest law student in the world.

Now people are telling me marriage doesn’t work like that. Gee, marriage sounds fun, eh?

I had a nice mother-daughter Saturday until we went grocery shopping. I was soooo bored! You know what we did for half an hour?

Choosing the perfect watermelon!

“Which one is nicer?” Mom points at a beautiful selection of red juicy watermelon.


None of them have worms coming out of them.

Red = good

Blue = not so good

They’re all red, they’re all good! But nooo… they weren’t good enough for her. She kept inspecting each one, picking one up after the other. She even did those things where they lift up their glasses, bring the object an inch away from their faces and squint their eyes at it.

Those poor innocent watermelons did nothing to deserve such stares.

And she gave me a lecture about how to choose the right watermelon.

Location: Vege aisle – another lecture about choosing the right beansprout.

Location: Wet noodle aisle – how to differentiate the soft and hard noodles.

Mom is a perfectionist. Every single purchase she makes, she makes sure they are PERFECT. Chanel bag or cabbage, she chooses the best one every single time. Dad’s so lucky.

Me….well, I’m sooo not like that. I am too impatient to smell mangoes in the supermarket to predict which one’s sweeter.

For better or for worse, no??

Dean’s probably running a mile now. Hehe.

Fine fine, I’ll learn to be a good wife in this department.

I shall enroll myself in my mother’s kitchen from now on. Ladies, expect some cooking posts in umm…..the next few months.