temple run audience

December 24, 2011

I can’t get enough of Temple Run!! Dean went away for the weekend, so I begged him to leave me his iPad.

I was playing in front of Opah and poor grandmother just wanted to talk to her grandchild.

When I didn’t layan her because I didn’t want to get burnt by the fire arch, she got stressed.

“Apa benda yang kamu main dengan kerepot tu??”

She calls any Apple product kerepot because she can’t remember to pronounce iPod. Now I can’t be bothered to update her about the arrival of iPad, iPhone 4s and the lot. She can subscribe to the email updates herself.

“Temple Run. Tapi V asyik mati je, Opah!”

She didn’t know how to react.

HAHAHAHAHA. You should’ve seen her face.

“Bagi la Opah tengok sikit.”

A few seconds later….

A few minutes later, she shoved me away because she needed to pee.


I love spending time like this with Opah. We ate croissants after and she gave me a list of items she needed (muruku and air seratus aka 100 Plus were in the list). Weekends are the best! Have a good weekend, you guys.

To all who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!