nisa’s dress

December 2, 2011

Nisa Mazbar made me a dress for GLAM’s Most Glam 2011 event!

I left it up to her and she said I’m always playing it safe, so this time she’s going to make me a grand-er dress.

I was cringing!!! But I trusted her. Hello, she worked with Elie Saab so Vivy No Saab will shut up.

And when the dress was finished, she BBMed me a picture.

I fell IN LOVE.


I was so nervous that it might drown me, but whatever, I needed to touch it pronto.

Nisa, Nona and I got ready at Nisa’s and we were off to the event.

It was definitely a star-studded event and the decor was just beautiful!There were sofas and tables scattered around the hall (same venue as MIFW)

The waiters never stopped coming with a generous flow of food. Loveee those kinds of waiters. Very efficient!

Thank you, Nisa!

Now hurry up with your proper ready-to-wear collection so FV can stock it.

With Yasmin, Dean’s sister-in-law very soon.

All in Nisa Mazbar

With mommy-to-be Azalea of PU3

On the way out, bumped into these 2 chilling outside. Yaya and Eddodido! Remember they invited me to be a judge at UITM? Lovely to see them again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Congrats GLAM squad for the awesome job!