the proposal

December 12, 2011

Dean’s proposal was simple and sweet.

No swans, no fireworks, no “Will You Marry Me?”-shaped clouds, no orchestra, no flashmob.

He obviously dismissed all the YouTube videos I’ve been showing him.

He proposed….

……in the office.

I know, right?? -___-“

Hahahah. But I get it. There was no other place in the world that would’ve meant more to us. He did it in the special place that we built together, in a place that we share dreams and visions together for the past year and many more to come.

It was the night of the GLAM event. Suddenly Asma’ texted me saying she just landed in KL and she needs to go to the office pronto to get something that she left. She didn’t have the office keys so she needed me to leave the event for this emergency.

I answered her, “Why don’t you go to my house and get the keys? You know where they are.” Duh, obviously I don’t bring my office keys to an event.

She answered, “Okay.”

Plan failed because I had brains.

Another text beeped shortly after, “I’m scared because it’s dark and whatnot. Can you just come pls pls? I need to tell you something and I need to tell you in person.”

I didn’t just smell fish, I smelt prawns and octopus also. This is funny. Asma’ is not scared of anything and she would never ask me to leave an event. She forces me to go to events sometimes to mingle and get to know more people. I told Dean this Asma’ is acting crazy. Dean nonchalantly said maybe she really needs you this time.

“I’m on my way.” I texted.

Then I turned to Dean and said, “OMGGGG SHE’S PREGNANT!!! SHE MUST BE!!”

(She’s not. I’m not starting any rumors here!)

When I went to the office, it was pitch dark. And suddenly, candles, rose petals (I think I saw some dead orchids too), a diamond ring and frames of Dean and I on the shelves and hanging from the ceiling. From our 1st year together right till the recent pictures, the memorable ones were displayed for my eyes.

The cheesy moment begun and after a while, he choked.

I laughed nervously and asked, “Oh god, do you want me to do it?”

He asked, and I grinned from ear to ear.

The whole proposal was recorded with hidden cameras around us. (The guy’s so confident I would say yes, pft).

A few minutes later, the girls (as mentioned in my previous blogpost) jumped from behind the partition and just screamed “CONGRATULATIONS!!” with tears in their eyes. It wasn’t enough that they had it recorded, they also wanted to be in the same room, hiding and squatting on the floor holding each other’s hands. If they could, they would probably place a couch in front of us and eat popcorn while Dean proposed.

They got pretty bored of us soon after and started ordering food.

Dean and I stayed on to just talk and stare into each other’s eyes all night.

“No turning back. You sure ah?”

“Yeah, can also.”

“Ok settle!”


“Are you scared?”

“A bit…Are you?”

“What?! No!”

“Uh yeah, me neither.”


5 years of my life getting to know him and every day I still smile when he walks through the door. He makes me laugh every single day and at the same time, his maturity and humbleness amaze me. The high level of respect he has for my parents and Opah, I will repay him by showing my respect to him forever. This is a good man. This is the man who will take care of me and protect me as well as my dad does, the man who will love and comfort me like my mom does, and this is the man who will lead me to the right path, Insyaallah.