and off she goes

January 29, 2012

Stella’s leaving back to London today


Was looking through old pictures of us and wanted to cry! I’m fine when she’s away but when she comes back for a short while, I am reminded how much I miss her! Hate that feeling. Grrr.

Many more pics, but I was wearing too little cloth back then for Ustazah Mommy’s liking.

I’m enjoying my life now, but I do have that tingly feeling when I look back at my pictures with Stella. Life was such fun too back then together. Sleepovers, sleeping in lecture halls, shopping, cooking together, sharing caffeine pills the night before our law papers, picnics in the park, there wasn’t a worry in the world!

She came over to say bye to the family and it was hilarious for a while listening to her communicate with Opah. She doesn’t speak very good Malay (international school all her life) and Opah doesn’t speak English at all (no school all her life hehe I love you Opah).

“Opah, saya mau balik UK.”

“Oh ye? Kejap je balik kali ni.”


“Opah tadi makan nasi, tengah kenyang ni, jadi Opah baring je la sampai ke esok.”


“Vivy mau get married soon yeah?”

“Opah muda lagi, baru 92 tahun. Hahahahaa.”

“Oh muda. Yeah yeah. Opah ada great-grandchildren already…dah..”


“Opah ada *name of nephew* and *name of niece*…”

“Ahh ye!! Diorang la buat bising dekat rumah ni. Sunyi kalau takde.”

“Nanti Vivy get married and have kids…lagi ada…”


Opah turns on the TV.