diorang korang

January 14, 2012

Did an interview with Wanita Hari Ini recently.

But of course, me doing Malay interviews, sighhh I always say the stupidest things.

Like the last time I did for Nona, I said “diorang” and “korang”. Hahahahah. Apparently unprofessional.

This time, I was prepared. Mereka, mereka, mereka, mereka.

Did I say diorang? You’ll just have to watch and see. Of course I never tell you when my episode will air, hehe.

You’ll just have to watch WHI everyday. Well, why wouldn’t you anyway? It’s awesome.

Mereka, mereka, mereka. Anda, anda, anda.

One of their lovely hosts, Fiza hiding there! She’s so nice, made it so easy for me.


Earrings: Ola

Jacket: Azorias

After the interview, I had to act and look busy around the office. Everyone was in their best behavior, postures up, heads down and everything. No one was slapping anyone’s butt in those 2 hours. Hehe.

Thank you WHI for coming over and making me your first woman to be featured in this new career segment. I feel so not deserving of it, but God bless y’all!

Wanita Hari Ini airs everyday on TV3 at 12 pm and 4 am.