eternity cover shoot

January 26, 2012

Getting too many emails about Kak Dinie’s contacts! Have asked permission for this. You can book her for make-up appointments at this number: 017-6060406


I had a shoot recently with an online magazine called Eternity! I felt pressured though.

Yuna is wearing a Radzuan Radziwill kaftan.

This magazine is new and their previous covers were Neelofa, Yuna, Anuar Zain and then me. Like wth right?!! Who am I?!!! But I felt the chance to prove myself.

The crew was familiar so it was so fun! And the best part was that Anuar Zain was also doing his cover shoot at the same time, so I got to touch him. His pants, actually. But close, close. Nani almost died in envy.

Makcik Vivy

Top I’m wearing: Jas.C

Top on bed: Dude & The Duchess

Make up artist Kak Dinie. I loveeeeee her, she always makes me up at home when I have important events. You guys should so try her!

Earrings: Ola

Top: Chic Yamada (also in hot red)

Pants: Chic Yamada (also in red)

Can’t wait for it to come out!