hi jaks!

January 20, 2012

Hello Kuala Lumpur!

See you soon, Kuala Lumpur.

My earrings: Marshella

My cardigan: Poya

Asma’s scarf: Mukaa

Asma’s jacket:  Berrybow

Hello Jakarta!

Asma’s scarf: Mukaa

My headband: Eclipse

My top: Jas.C (also in white)

Guess what, guys…. we didn’t miss our flight!!!! *chicken dance, pats back*

Off to do some work tomorrow and then greet mom, Pak Abu and Toots. They’re coming here too to shop for “Dean-PD Halal Soon” campaign.

Dean’s here too and he’s staying in a nearby hotel. We all agreed to meet in half hour for dinner, and it ended up being an hour plus of him waiting. Asma’ and I told him we had to shower all, but really…. we were so excited organizing this.

We didn’t shower.