jaks journal

January 22, 2012

“Look at those Indonesian girls, with their long legs and smooth skin, curled hair, high heels and impeccable style. They’re perfect. They’re so disgusting!”

This trip has been so fun, work mixed with pleasure.


8.30 am: got scolded by Dean for starting day late, lectured all of us about how we wasted our morning and something along that line.

“I don’t understand how you guys don’t see this…..bla bla bla”

9.30 am: Dean was still talking about lateness and lack of discipline

“Bla bla bla bla…..”

10 am: Important meeting with someone important in an important institution

“The best place to have brunch here is Shangri-La.”

12 pm: Lunch at Social House where the best-in-the-world lychee iced tea resides. Now it has changed address to my stomach.

“Ohmygodddd this is never leaving my bladder.”

1.30 pm onwards: Meeting with more important people

“Pfft Twit-ter….it’s such a scam…ooooh is that a mention?! “

4 pm: On the way to meet important people, passed Christian Louboutin store. Dean found his perfect “hantaran” shoes that only Alicia Keys’ husband and Christian Louboutin himself wears. I have to admit, it was to die for.

“But how are people going to see my red soles? Should I walk funny on purpose?”

4.30 pm onwards: Meeting with more important people

“Omg I love all their clothes!!! Omg I die… no seriously, I DIE……omggg NOWWWW I die!”

8.30 pm: Squatting on the floor in front of mall entrance waiting for the wedding committee entourage to arrive for dinner

“I bet you mom’s going to make us eat at the nasi padang place just because she wants to have her ice kacang “Es Teler” thingy…”

9 pm: We are at the nasi padang place and mom is having Es Teler for appetizer.

“Ais dia halussss sangat kalau dekat sini…”

11 pm: The youngsters were planning on what wild adventure to do tonight.

“Family karaoke, 24 hours?? Who wants to go to that? Where the hot girls at?”

11.30 pm: Everybody’s snoring.

“Subuh’s at 4.30 am??! That’s just crazy… Damnit, there goes my pahala. I ikhlas, Allah, I swear!! Crap, I just said dammit and swear.”

So that’s one day in our Hello Jaks trip.

Yesterday, we left Asma’ to handle a meeting on her own while we all went to Social House and had more lychee iced tea.

“Wait for me guys, I want also!!”

We all left before she came. Hahahahahaah.

We felt bad, so at dinner we treated her to a birthday cake and we all sang happy birthday to her.

“HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY ASMA’!!!!” We all shouted.

Asma’s scarf: Mukaa

Asma’s oufit: A tailored black blazer and Chic Yamada jumpsuit

Her birthday’s in August and she’ll be 25.