jaks snippets

January 25, 2012

For every girl, her wedding journey is probably the most memorable time in her life. Of course the marriage should be priority, but nobody said the wedding preparation should not be as fun as possible.

Every Most girls would dream of these things for her wedding; supportive parents, excited friends, a loving groom, the perfect wedding dress, the tallest cake, and blank cheques.

I know I can’t expect everything in this world and I really don’t want to ask for much, but I’m so lucky that God is giving me wayyyy more than I deserve.

Had such a good time in Jakarta with these goons and I’d like to thank them both for taking time off their schedules for Dean and I.

Two of my bridesmaids were there every step of the way and paying attention at all times!

Most of the time!

Cardigan: Poya

Necklace: Jas.C

Top: Nana G

Pants: Chic Yamada

Top: Mimpikita

Top: Berrybow

Pants: Chic Yamada

Asma’s jumpsuit: Chic Yamada

My top: Jas.C

Top: Radzuan Radziwill

Pants: Gallo

Top: PU3

Dean got pretty sick of too much estrogen after a while and focused on his important FIFA match.

Love you girls mucho mucho.