mount k

January 5, 2012

“You should go on more trips with your girlfriends before we get married because after that, you’ll be too busy cooking and cleaning.”


Guess who’s the one going on trips with his friends?

Dean’s off to Sabah to climb Mount Kinabalu.

He was so excited, it was so cute to see. Bought new shoes, new bag, new everything for this climb.

He keeps me informed all the time telling me what level he’s at and all, while I pretend to go Wowwww…

I wanted to cry looking at this picture. What on earth is he wearing?!!! Everything’s wrong in that outfit.

He showed me the pathway:

My reaction:

Then he showed me his toilet:

My reaction:


He was so happy though!

“Look behind me. That’s what we have to climb tomorrow.”

I soooooo wouldn’t survive this trip.

“You’re so far away!” I whined.

“No I’m not. We’re so near each other. There’s just a big swimming pool in between us.”