new year, new oracle

January 5, 2012

My Star Rage newspaper article today.

For those of you who missed it:


I am now sitting on my bed but only squeezed to a tiny portion of it. What’s taking up the space? My clothes!

To welcome 2012, I wanted to de-clutter my room. With a neat and organized space, your mind becomes more at peace and you don’t waste time searching for things. Of course I just had to choose the hardest section of all; my wardrobe. With utmost bravery, I took everything out of my closet and made separate piles on my bed.

It was late at night, so I thought I’ll just continue the next day. It has now been 3 days and I still can’t see my bed. My parents think I’m such a sweet daughter now wanting to sleep in their room, but really, I needed their bed to sleep on.

I read a book once that said every girl has to spring-clean her wardrobe every 6 months as trends change and your outfit needs to be updated. I try to do this, but not for those reasons. Trends schmends! I do it only because I can’t seem to find what I want after every 6 months. New members start joining my closet and pretty soon, I realize I just rotate the ten tops that are at the top of the pile. I might as well just name them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.

I am ashamed to say like many girls, I have more clothes than I should. I’m wondering if God has a sense of humour and will understand that a girl just simply has no willpower when it comes to her wardrobe. No two white long-sleeved shirts are the same, I promise! So when it comes to my wardrobe, I take time to make sure I can see everything and I give them equal chance to be paraded outside their 2 creaking doors. At least I’m being fair in my wardrobe polygamy.

Don’t get freaked out when I tell you that I photograph each and every single one of my clothes.,and have them displayed on my laptop when I want to get dressed every day. From basic tank tops to black pants, I have them in different iPhoto folders. I call it my Oracle.

Seriously, you’ll never know the satisfaction of this type of wardrobe organization until you try this. When you see everything on screen, you’ll be amazed to see what you didn’t even know you had and it might even spark that, “Wow I should stop shopping for a while” moment. I, unfortunately, had no such voice in my head.

Dressing in the morning is also much easier. It’s just like shopping online, but the best part is that you already have the ready stocks a few steps away from you. Say goodbye to the “I have nothing to wear” phrase.

Once you have established your own Oracle, you just have to do 2 things after that. One is to always update your Oracle when you have new purchases. Two is to not drown your laptop in water like this one genius did. Why do you think I have to start from scratch again with all these clothes drowning me?

However, virtual organization is not enough. You’ve got the clothes carefully categorized in your laptop, but your room is still why your mother does not speak to you.

If you have a huge wardrobe room or closet space, it would be nice to have your clothes hung on the hangers. That way, you can see everything and you never have to fold and iron. From 11 pm to 6 am, that is my closet. When I wake up, reality introduces me to the same pink closet I had since I was 8.  If you are in the same boat as me, you have no choice but to follow these steps below.

1)   Hanger vs hard labour of folding

You’ll have some sort of rack to hang precious clothing, I hope. If you don’t, you can buy the loose clothing racks. The ones that go on these racks are blazers, dresses, shirts, delicate blouses i.e. expensive blouses.  For the rest of the pile, stretch that back and start folding.

Tip: Knit and chiffon should always be folded to avoid the ends of the hangers creating a bulging BCG when you wear the clothes.

2)    Colour code

It is amazing to see a neat rainbow of clothes in your closet, all grouped together according to their colour. As long as you can differentiate white and black, you should have no problem following this step

3)   By occasion

Sort them with their kinds so you only go to one section when you need to rush; work, casual, dressy, traditionalwear, pyjamas, gym.

4)   And of course, by style

Basic wardrobe 101. Group them with their own friends. Top go with tops, cardigans go with cardigans, pants go with pants. This is the most important categorization, I would say.

Let’s start the year with a wardrobe that won’t give us migraines! One tip, though. When you start spring-cleaning, always try to finish it off on the same day while you still have the momentum going.

It’s been days for me, and my clothes are taking over my bed. I have a feeling that when you read my next article next month, I would have learned the art of folding myself into a small compact ball in my bed.