of churros and good company

January 12, 2012

People often ask me, as a young entrepreneur, do I ever get scared?

I tell them: Well, you know…Gotta plan well, gotta believe in yourself, gotta this, gotta that…life is perfect, yada yada yada.


I started my own business, taking on a huge responsibility at the age of 22. Vulnerable yet hopeful, strong yet scared, basically asking myself so many questions.

One year on, I can’t be any happier!! Well I can be I guess (you can’t measure happiness), but I am just so so thankful with everything God has given us. It’s not an easy ride obviously, but challenges are what you take of them. Positively or negatively, your call.

Besides the support from customers, designers and media, you know what I really think keeps this passion alive in me? My parents praying for my success and happiness everyday. How can I let them down?

I’m not being biased here, but the FV team works so bloody hard everyday and everyday I keep wanting to hug and kiss them until they sit far far away from me.

You guys have no idea. The FV team, some have come and go, but all of them give (or have given) it their all and no matter how tired we are, we still crack jokes, we still sit together like a family and have good food and we all brainstorm ridiculous ideas all the time. I’ve never worked in an outside company before, but if this is how colleagues interact everywhere out there, everyone should be smiling in this world!


We had a new year lunch and Dean the Founder treated us to a yummy feast. Gahhh 2012, we’re just so excited to jump into it, so many things we have planned for you, oh dear 2012.

There’s only room for expansion! So if you want to join the FV team, we’re actually looking for:

1) Graphic Designer

2) Website Programmer

Send us your resume, portfolio and expected remuneration to careers@fashionvalet.net.

Never know where life will take you.

Here’s to an awesome 2012 for all of us.

God, don’t stop watching over us, ok?

“What the hell is churros? That looks like a fancy cakoi with sugar, Or a long kuih samprit. In my kampung, I can get this for a few cents only.” – Nani.