opah’s eating tools

January 18, 2012

One day, after a meeting, I tapau-ed a tosai home and Opah loved it so much she couldn’t stop talking about it for days.

So, I took her to the club that weekend. We had breakfast early in the morning, overlooking the beautiful golf course while Opah checks out hot golfers. (There weren’t any and they’re all married, don’t bother)

“How come you just always bring me to mamak stalls, and not nice places? Everytime I come back, I reek of oil smell.”

My granny’s got high standards, yo!

On the way to the breakfast terrace,  there was a little tiny step that we had to go down at. Me, Opah, her maid and the blue wheelchair stared at each other. We were all thinking the same thing; What if Opah terple-ot?

“It’s ok, we can do this!” I said.

The maid and a really nice waitress held on to the front of the wheelchair, while I hugged Opah’s stomach from the back to keep her from flying off her wheelchair and going kaboom straight down to the floor face first.

“HOI, AKU TAKUT NI!!!!” (Oi, I’m scared!!) Opah wailed while we got ready.

“Don’t worry Opah. If anything, we’ll go down together!”

Landed safely.

My top: Nana G

Opah’s top: Mak Piah rumah sebelah kat kampung

Opah was soooo hungry she ate a full tosai AND nasi lemak!!!

“Opah, you sure you can eat all of this?”

“Can, can! Just give me my tools.”

There you go, your eating tools. A Good Morning towel and napkin.

I was making fun of her and how silly she looked.

But joke’s on me and my Nana G top.

Speaking of Nana G, she just gave birth to a baby girl, Masyallah!!!

Nana, me and baby Nyla Salma.

This picture was taken shortly after she told me about her labour story. I tried to smile as much I could, ignoring the pain in my uterus and ovaries.

Her top: Nana G Aria

My top: Pink Jambu

Look who had fun with the baby.

Uh-uh. No way. Not after all the labour stories I’ve heard.