personal trainers

January 27, 2012

Stella’s back!!!!!!!!

Have to rush to take her measurements for the bridesmaid dress. She’s going to be my bridesmaid for Dean’s reception, and it’ll be so funny because she’s never ever been to a Malay wedding. I bet she’ll start kipas-ing herself on the dais.

Stella and Jon

Dean’s wearing a Dude & The Duchess shirt.

My blazer: Ashley R

Jon and Stella are super sports athlete craze people. I don’t know why we’re friends actually.

But this whole trip, she’s training me at the gym while Jon trains Dean (Jon’s a professional personal trainer).

“Come on V, think Miranda Kerr!!!!”

Had one session with them and I wanted to cry. Like seriously had to take the lift because the stairs were just too painful to endure.

I will be switching my phone off for the next few days.