ready… set…

January 14, 2012

I haven’t been stressed at all doing the wedding preparation. Everyone says we’re short of time considering we want to have a June wedding, so I thought I would be pulling hair by now.

You know why I’m not stressed?

Because Ustazah Mommy has taken all the stress from me!

My wedding decor and planning will be done by the amazing Pak Abu. I loveeee him. I wanted someone familiar and someone I’m comfortable with, so since Pak Abu did my sister’s wedding and all our big family events, I didn’t even think twice about him.

My mom has been on it with Pak Abu all the time. They’re discussing so many things from venue booking to what doorgifts to make. I know she’s loving it because she loves organizing and planning and getting stressed. You’re welcome, Mommy. Heheheheh. I can’t take much time off work, so I’m really thankful my mom is planning her my whole wedding.

Groom. Check.

I’ll take this one, thanks.

Venue. Check.

Colour Scheme. Check. (this was the hardest part!)

Concept. Check.

Videography. Check.

Photography. Check.

Bridesmaids. Check.

Dresses. Almost Check.

Songket. Almost Check.

Make up artist. Not yet check. Any suggestions?

It’s really fun being involved in the wedding process, huh? I get so excited and when I was filling up the form for bride and groom’s details, I paused and thought, “Holy ****, I’m getting married. This is really happening.”

Every crazy bride’s focus is the wedding day itself. Colour of flowers, beadings on dress, how the napkins have got to be made into shapes of beautiful swans or ducks, whatnot. I think I’ll be like that nearer to the wedding.

But we have to think long-term too. Dean and I spent time to discuss our finances, and to plan ahead how to go about our married life. Dean seems confident, but I gulped a little when I thought about all sorts of ridiculous expenses we have to bear in the future. I feel like it’s a challenge to the both of us to start this life right and comfortable. Both our parents have raised us in the most comfortable lifestyles, and we need to appreciate that by working hard to maintain what they’ve given us. That only means one thing; working double as hard to get more income.

I’m going to start looking underneath my cushion for loose coins.