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January 10, 2012

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Dean (the bf, not the school Dean) has a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering and I have a law degree. You know what happens when he wants to have the last say in every battle? “It’s ok, it’s ok. I have Masters, you should listen to me.”

Pleaseeeee. His Masters came free with his 4 year engineering course. Pfttt.

We do sometimes talk about pursuing a proper Masters. It would be so cool to have an MBA or a Masters in Finance or something. Some of my friends are pursuing their professional courses and I sometimes wonder if I should too. The only problem now is that when you have your own business, it’s really difficult to stop that or slow down to pursue your Masters degree. Maybe I should some day! Could learn so much more about business. Never think you know everything and that there’s no more room for improvement.

I learnt that Taylor’s University offers pretty good Masters courses at their Business School. Their lecturers and teachers are internationally trained, have had attachments abroad and have gone through professional enhancement courses. With the qualification being internationally recognized, you could take that title with you anywhere in the world!

Sometimes, I feel that what we Malaysians lack is confidence. When we don’t have confidence, we lose so much opportunity because we’re too scared to talk to people and absorb knowledge from strangers. So I was pretty impressed that Taylor’s teaches skills in grooming, communication, presentation, social interaction, etiquette etc. So you’ll be ready to take on the world once you come out of those gates!

I find it extremely important that Malaysians now break that “shy” barrier. Of course it doesn’t take overnight! That’s why these kind of Masters progrrammes can really give us more knowledge, hone our self-esteem and gain our confidence.  It’s so good that Taylor’s programmes involve a lot of leadership skills, so we’ll all learn to be a confident leader.

The Masters programs that Taylor’s offers:

1) Masters in Finance – thorough understanding of financial markets, applications of finance theory – 18 months course up to 5 years.

2) Masters in Management – stimulates your thinking skills, leadership skills, research, assessment – 18 months course up to 5 years.

3) Bristol MBA – taught by lecturers from the UK, demanding course that’s recognized across the world – leadership and management skills

Watch their video!

Taylor’s uses integrated-approach modules, and a modular basis that gives focus on each module to give us a deeper understanding on things.

There was an interview with the Dean for Postgraduate at Taylor’s Business School, Dr. Thomas Thornborrow. Unlike the scary perception we have of Deans and well, headmaster’s office in general, this Dean was friendly and accommodating. He is obviously a reputable man in his field, having obtained his MBA and PhD in the UK and also  written books with titles we just drop our jaws at. Basically,  R-E-S-P-E-C-T! He specializes in organizational behaviour, team development, motivation and leadership. Having a Dean like him, I’m sure the postgrads there will improve their leadership skills. Just what we Malaysians need, really!

Have you also seen their Lakeside Campus? (Business school is there)

So serene and peaceful!!


The library, where we should be spending most of our time…. But really, we’re always here….

Like the food court in malls, huh?

7-11?!!! Wayyy cool.

Taylor’s offers flexibility for working women like us. Working adults get to study full-time programmes but classes are scheduled to fit their schedule! Amazing for adults who have other commitments but still want to realize their dreams.

If you’re interested to pursue your Masters, contact postgraduate@taylors.edu.my or click here. Won’t hurt to email and do some research, never know where education can take you!