where you from ah?

January 25, 2012

The plane ride back to KL was so fun. We all laughed the entire time making stupid jokes about the trip and about each other.

“Mom, you can sit with Toots and Asma’. We’ll sit behind you with Pak Abu.”

“Haish!! Mana boleh duduk sama-sama ni, tak kahwin lagi.”

“Why can’t I sit with my bakal isteri ?!”

I sat next to Pak Abu and announced to him that I was going to be an annoying traveller. You know, the kind that asks you questions the entire time, the kind that would make you jump off the plane on long-haul flights.

*sits veryyyy close, shoulder to shoulder*

“So, where you from and why are you going to KL?” I asked close to his ear while chomping loudly on dried mango.

Pak Abu laughed so much and got so annoyed the third time I did it.

He was watching some movie on the flight.

I pulled out his ear piece and “So, what you watching? Nice ah?”

“I’m watching Fiddler on The Roof. Go away.”

“Oh that one ah!! He dies at the end, no point watching.”


Seriously, some people do that ok!!

I got bored of disturbing him so I opened a book to read and got so engrossed in it.

A few minutes later, Pak Abu turned to me….

“So where you from ah?”