33 years of companionship

February 3, 2012

My parents’ marriage turned 33 last week and we had an intimate family dinner to celebrate them. Well actually, Dad paid. So it was just like a free dinner for us.


My cousin and I

I wore Gallo’s limited edition heart top to celebrate their love!

Love the little heart pop ups.

Mom and Dad, I know you’re reading this because you refresh my blog every 5 minutes, so I just want you to know that you guys are awesome parents and I’m so glad your marriage has been going strong for 33 years. That’s 12,000+ days of each other and almost 300,000 hours of love, arguments, tears and laughter. Through all these years, you held on to each other and you never fail to express love every single day, not only to each other but also to us daughters.

You guys are always a team and we’re so happy that you prioritise each other when the other one needs you. No matter how different both of you are in terms of personalities, you always have each other’s backs and you never speak ill of one another. You protect each other and that’s a beautiful thing to see in a couple. You guys are role model of parents and I can only hope one day my kids will feel the same way for me as I feel about the two of you.

Congratulations on the 33 years of marriage and many more to come!

God bless my parents, and bring them to Jannah, please.