a special favor

February 9, 2012

For my wedding dresses, I’ve got all sorted out, except for one.

My nikah dress.

For those who aren’t familiar with Islamic way of marriage, the man and woman are pronounced man and wife when the groom and the father of the bride shake hands and exchange symbolic words. Kinda here, here take my daughter and help me get rid of this headache. And the groom says yeah sure, can also.

All eyes will be opened wide during this special moment so you can imagine the stress on the groom because he has to say the phrase clear and correctly until the witnesses are satisfied with it.

Dean is being all cocky that he’s confident he’ll say it in one breath.

“What, you don’t believe me?? Ok listen to this…Saya terima nikah bla bla bla bla lapan puluh ringgit tunai!”

He repeated it over and over again just to prove his point that he’s well prepared.

“Ok fine… I’d like to change the 80 ringgit. I don’t want 80 ringgit anymore. I’d like seratus dua puluh tiga ringgit empat puluh lima sen tunai.”


Anyway, back to my point.

To me, the akad nikah is the most important ceremony of all and I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to design my dress on that day because I just want it to be perfect. But since there’s no such thing as perfect, it’s a lot harder to know what to look for!!


I would like a favour from you.

Some of you have been following this blog since the early days of Dean and I, and you have no idea how much I’d like you to be at the wedding (but since I don’t have a money tree in my toilet, it would be quite funny to tell the hotel to seat a few hundred tables in exchange for my smile).

I would like a piece of Proudduck in me when I’m at my akad nikah and be reminded of you guys, so I would be so honored if you guys would design my dress for me.

If you’re an aspiring fashion designer or you have the ability to sketch better than me (standards are pretty low there), I’d be over the moon if you would send your sketches to my blog email (top right of this page) with “Nikah Dress” as the subject title.

Don’t worry, this was stolen from Google. I don’t expect sketches like this! Haha.

The only requirements are:

1) Tudung friendly. I would like to cover up on the day, so hopefully you can design something with long sleeves and a proper headscarf. (But not the tuck-in kinds please…)

2) White or off-white in colour.

I will choose one that I feel will suit me best, and I will feature and credit you as my akad nikah dress designer.

And I will proudly wear your design on the most special day of my life.