chawan farewell lunch

February 17, 2012

Got my phone back!!!!! Life is colorful again!

But yesterday was a tear-y day at FV because one of our longest interns finished her internship. We have a tradition that interns get to choose where they want to go for their farewell lunch and I would expect them to choose nice fine dining places. So I was shocked when we were all on the way to Chawan! Hehe. Oh well, even better for Dean who takes the bill.

Puteri was by far our quietest interns. She doesn’t talk much but man is she hardworking?! She can just sit there and do her work for hours without disturbing anyone and she never ever bugs me for anything. She just bugs Nani. Haha.

But just as she started to open up and I started to see the talkative side of her, she had to go. ๐Ÿ™

We had a nice bonding session just the 2 of us at Chatime for her last drink with us, and I told her my feelings about certain issues. And she just nodded. That’s progress right there! Usually, she just walks away with a blank expression and I later find out she didn’t realize I was talking to her. Hahaha. There were a lot of funny moments with Puteri and as much as we know she has to continue her studies (degree schmegree), her lack of presence in the office will definitely be felt!

Puteri gave a speech to each of us individually and we all teared.

Office of hormonal girls, no wonder Dean gets so excited when a male wants to work at FV! Haha.

Nani’s wearing Sereni & Shentel and Chic Yamada Mary Janes.

Dean and I are wearing Dude & Duchess (Men & Women). We like to match because it annoys our colleagues.

At the end of her speech, she said to Dean and I, “I’m really proud that I can now put in my resume.”

I swear I even saw Dean’s eyes go all shiny.

Anyway, Puteri, thank you for choosing to spend your holidays with us and we hope you learned a lot and had fun along the way. We will never forget you! Come back anytime to visit us, after all, these clothes won’t fold themselves.