mickey mouse

February 5, 2012

My niece has been so clingy these past few days and at first, I loved it!

But after a while, it just got annoying.

Every little thing she did, she would turn and say “Maksu, look.” I would look for a few seconds and continue doing my thing. Then she’d do something else. “Maksu, look!” When I didn’t turn to look, she would come to my face and made me look.

Omggg how do people ever get things done with kids around?

Then, when she leaves to go home, the house becomes quiet and I start missing her so much.

Confused, much?! Hehe.

Before she left, she was drawing stuff on her notepad.

“Maksu, can you draw Mickey Mouse?” and shoves me the pencil.

“Oh no… Maksu don’t know how to draw Mickey Mouse. Why don’t you draw it for me?”

Her face turned red, her lips started to tremble as she handed me the pencil again, this time almost poking my eye.

“Draw Mickey Mouse now.” she instructed.

“I really don’t know how to draw!”

“Mickey. Mouse.”

“Ok ok Maksu draw, Maksu draw.”

I remember thinking in my head, Hmm ok ok I can do Mickey Mouse. He’s got two big ears like the Disney Channel logo, he’s got round stomach, he’s always smiling. Ok I can do this. Easy peasy.