missing a piece of me

February 15, 2012

Dad and I were having quick dinner together earlier. He was late for a short trip, so he grabbed his Blackberry and we kissed him off at the door.

Well, well.

We both found out later that the Blackberry he took with him… was mine.

*Silence for a few seconds*




I had a mini panic attack while my mom laughed at me. You don’t understand. I never sleep alone, my Blackberry is always there with me blinking away to signal to me that it’s there and awake if I needed to talk. What more do you want from a life partner?

You should have seen me just now, pacing back and forth, a bit lost trying to recall any important BBMs or texts that needed replying. And trying to make up people’s phone numbers in my head. Yeah.. she looks like a 012 – 5679309…., I’d go in my head.

I called Dad and scolded him, only to receive much unappreciated laughter.

“Oh well… I can’t turn back now. Maybe tonight you should just relax. It can be your night off.”

*Again, silence for a few seconds…slightly confused…*

Hmmm… what do phone-less people usually do?

I’ve been to the fridge, I’ve switched on the TV, I’ve made myself a drink, I’ve walked up and down the stairs… it’s different, I feel different.

Suddenly, I saw my laptop sitting pretty in my suitcase.

“Don’t ever leave me….” *Clutches laptop with dear life*