ww magazine shoot

February 9, 2012

I had a shoot for WW magazine recently.

For the next month’s cover, it will be featuring 5 girls; me, Alia Alizar, Natasha Seatter, Fatiha Sharif and Neelofa.

I love group shots because it’s so lively being in a room full of people. A lot less pressure than having a solo shoot.

I can’t see myself having this much makeup. I’d get so confused every morning!

With Natasha, Alia and Fatiha

Neelofa came slightly later and joined us.

Was fun making friends with people I’ve never met before. I only knew Alia from this shoot and both of us mingled with everyone at the set and enjoyed getting to know other people who do other fun stuff too! Each of us have different sort of career (Alia’s in fashion, I’m in construction and online retail, Fatiha is managing an oil and gas company, Neelofa is a host and actress in the entertainment industry and Natasha is a race car driver), so we saw a glimpse of each other’s work and lifestyle and learned a lot.

Alia and I

It was one of the longest shoots I’ve ever done because we did several shots, but all in all, was a whole load of fun.

Except the after part.

When we all have to go home and wash our hair that was full of backcomb knots and hairspray.

*cries a river*

They did a poofy afro hair thingy at one point.

Was calm at first….

Even camwhored a little bit….

Panicked after a while!

I kept going “My hair, my hair!!”


My poor conditioner did all the hard work to untangle everything at the end of the day. It has given up on life already.

Other than that, can’t wait to see the magazine coming out soon!