yapping away

February 24, 2012

Sometimes I get invitations to speak at colleges and unis on behalf of FV.

I always politely decline telling them that I faint easily on stage.

So….the victim is always…

Dean’s wearing Dude & The Duchess


But he does it so well, Masyaallah!

We went to SEGI college to give a talk on entrepreneurship and it was really fun. I was going to help Dean the night before if he needed anything, but he seemed confident and was even playing futsal the night before!! Gosh if I were him, I’d be hurling near the toilet bowl waiting to puke anytime.

Then when he got up, my jaws dropped. I never realized he was so clever in business, he made the audience laugh and he had all these cool theories and ideas! No wonder he didn’t want my help the night before because he got it all covered.

There were other speakers who shared their experience too:

The cool and calm Elaine Daly, former Miss Malaysia.

Yuri Wong, husband of Xandria Ooi who does music.

I liked this slide of his. A man growing his small company to become big.

I’m wearing Suri & Lana

Me with Weipin, a blog reader who invited me 🙂

That week also, Dean gave a talk at Taylor’s University along with other 4 very experienced men in their own fields.

He was the only one in jeans. Haha.

You guys….. I have to say that Taylor’s Uni Lakeside Campus is one of the most beautiful unis I have ever been too. The place is soooo cool, they have Starbucks, Oldtown, Chatime, 7-11. They even have a freaking fine dining restaurant that we were served at, and the yummy food was prepared by the students!!! Dean and I literally had our mouths gaped open when we further explored the campus.

Take the picture above for example. Behind the glass is a huge lake surrounded by trees and stuff. It was so nice and serene….They literally had to bring the blinds down so I the students could concentrate. I have no idea how students don’t get distracted in lecture halls with that kind of backdrop. I’d be in my own la-la land, thinking of what to buy at Chatime later.


Dean’s wearing Dude & The Duchess

I guess it’s really fun when someone among our peer stands up and give talks because they understand more and they can relate to what we’re going through. Dean and I just graduated about 2 years ago and the lecture halls are still fresh in our minds so it’s almost like talking to our friends.

I got even more invitations for FashionValet to give talks at unis now and I’m so proud of Dean.

I’m going to upload his video on YouTube when I actually know how to do that!

For now I’d just like to say I MISS UNI DAYS !!!!!!!! Wanna quit my job and go back to uni. Haha. Ok I’m kidding, but really, enjoy your uni days. It’ll never be the same after.